The Hero

The main character of Soul Nomad, the hero is charged with using Gig's power to kill the World Eaters. The character's gender and name are changable, the default name is Revya for both genders. The hero does not have a voice for cutscenes, save for the one scene if you win the final battle of the Demon Campaign, though he/she can do battle cries during a fight. The Hero's stats are very balanced, with intelligence being the lowest, though his/her high attack and above moderate HP makes this up.


The Main Character's childhood friend. She is the one the most loyal to

"Stupid Cow."

Lady Lanya, being also the only person whose name Danette remembers. She is at many times the comic relief to the story, usually when arguing with Gig. Danette seems to have a rather terrible memory, unable to remember anyone's name, save for Layna. She is also very stubborn and does irrational actions, in both storylines. Despite that, she is a very able warrior, though she has very terrible resistance and intelligence stats, her speed is one of the best in the game.



"The one, the only... indescructible Gig!"

One of the main antagonists of the story, he was defeated 200 years prior to the story by Layna. After their battle, he was sealed into the Onyx Blade, where he waited until the main character was ready to weild the blade. Unable to do much within the blade and having to fuse his soul with the hero, Gig resorts to constant insults to the party, especially to Levin and Danette due to their more actions. He is arrogant, uncaring, cynical, and has a low oppinion on humanity, calling them maggots most of the time. Unlike the other members of your party, you cannot manipulate Gig's Friendship poitns with his special.