"Holy crap, that took forever! Pick up the pace, ya old hag!So this is my sacrificial lamb, huh?Heh. It's sorta soft around the edges, but it's definitely got potential.200 years... 200 years I've been waiting for this moment!"

"You better believe it! The one... the only... Indestructible Gig! And if you let me, I can twist and crush and incinerate this peon in a flash. And you want that, right?"

- Gig after first battle with Feinne trying to make a deal with the hero

Gig is a primary antagonist of Soul Nomad and the World Eater, and possibly one of the most powerful beings in thie Nippon Ichi Series. Highly arrogant and having a very low opinion on mortals, Gig was sent from another world to destory all life in the world of Haephnes. In the English version, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

The Attack on the World of HaephnesEdit

"Rivers of blood! Mountains of flesh! A glorious world of pain! Feeble humans, crushed like the insect they are!"